This LUXURY watch caught my attention when I read this:

“The Golden Ratio: you can find it in roses, seashells and the Milky Way. Now, the famed Fibonacci sequence is in every aspect of Brathwait watch design.”

I have studied the Golden Ratio and Fibonnacci numbers. If you don’t know these terms look them up as part of the Extreme Wealth Lifestyle requires you to be aware of what it encompasses. That is why I encourage you to subscribe to The Robb Report!

Back to Brathwait.

“By pulling back the curtains on modern watchmaking we’re aiming to do away with industry shortcuts and cheap solutions; never compromising the product quality, always cutting the costs.”

I know from studying luxury watches in The Robb Report that the REAL watchmakers NEVER take shortcuts or give you cheap solutions;however they also can be beyond most Extreme Wealth Lifestylers budget for LUXURY!

“But we believe that qualities like honesty and altruism are desperately needed these days, and that is a foundation worth building a company on.

“We use the same materials and same factories as $500 to $3000 brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price.

“Some call it stupid, we call it fair.”

GOT MY ATTENTION! So my next LUXURY watch will be a BRATHWAIT!



Flower Moon by KITTOUNE

Looking for jewelry related to FLOWERS made of FLOWERS?

Then you have found the right place at Flower Moon and the creations of Paris born Stephanie Mone. She has always liked the magic around flowers. So while attending graduate school in the US she took up jewelry making with her PASSION for flowers being the focus.

Stephanie and her small team preserve each flower in resin to retain its magic. Each of the cords with the jewelry is hand dyed. Also they give back 10% to several charities dealing with depression and mental research.

Looking for something that preserves Nature and is unique? It certainly fits both of those categories along with luxury.

MR Valentine

Tani USA

Are you looking for LUXURY underwear for either yourself or your significant other?

Then you might want to check this company out!

Here is their philosophy from their site:

“Tani USA makes the worlds best, most comfortable mens and women’s undergarments that will change the way you think and feel about underwear.

“At Tani we strive to set a new standard in underwear. We do this through innovation in every aspect of the garment. From using new and patented fabrics to developing a better waistband. Tani simply feels better and fits unlike any other. Despite the amazing soft feel of our garments they are made with high durability and easy washability in mind to ensure long lasting use.”

MR Valentine

Svarntai LUXURY Watches

I think what they say at their website sums it up:

“SVARNTAI desires to bring this class and style inspired from ancient India to the world. A mixture of 2 Indian words Svarna (Golden in Hindi) and Antai (Owl in Tamil),the brand speaks Royalty and Purity. SVARNTAI shakes the ancestral codes of the watchmaking industry. Launched by two young entrepreneurs, the brand aims to reclaim a specific world where high end design and technology are one.

“The goal is to create premium grade watches that use quality materials such as surgical grade 316L stainless steel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and precision Swiss movements. The hand stitched leather strap comes with a butterfly clasp that not only adds to its elegance but also prevents it from the constant wear and tear when wearing/removing. The classic steel mesh strap has a shine that can outlast many. At each step, we have pushed the boundaries on what we can offer at an accessible price, such as the inclusion of ceramic dial.”

So if you are looking for LUXURY watches checkout these at their website in the header above!

MR Valentine

Flags Connections

American flag cases, Military flag cases

Flags Connections is a patriotic company dedicated to honoring those who have faithfully served their country in the armed forces, be it Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, heroes of both retired military and the fallen, with a prominent line of handsome, custom made U.S. flags, memorial flag cases, shadow boxes and flag boxes. Flags Connections specializes in flag cases and military gifts, for both those serving in the armed forces and their families at home who wish to honor their memory through posterity. So trusted and revered is the Flags Connections name brand that they were selected to provide the flag case for President Reagan’s burial flag in 2004.


MR Valentine


Labor Day Sale. Use Code: LABOR10 at Checkout and Get 10% OFF Site Wide

Weird name for a company that specializes in offering you 100% authentic LUXURY DESIGNER eyewear!

I called them one day and had a marvelous experience with their customer representative which today is amazing!

I will definitely use Gaffos for my next pair of prescription eyewear. With all the goodies added to my eyewear I will HUNDREDS of dollars over what my local optometrist wants!

MR Valentine


Biblio - used, rare, out of print books for sale

Biblio offers over 100 million used, rare and out-of-print books, but that’s not truly what sets us apart. As discerning bibliophiles already know, less is often more. We work with the finest booksellers in the world to cultivate a truly remarkable collection that strikes the perfect balance between quantity and quality of selection.

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley was a well-known and highly controversial figure in the first half of the 20th Century. A writer, occultist, magician, and mountaineer, Crowley impacted a diverse collection of sub-cultures and interests. See collectible Crowley from Biblio booksellers.

Baseball Books

Baseball books are obtainable, reasonably priced, and sought after. Here’s a suggested list of books with which you can begin a themed collection, curated by Tom Swift.

They guarantee all books to be in-stock or you get 20% off your next order.

Shop with confidence with their 30-day return guarantee.

MR Valentine


Labor Day

This is a New York City based company that specializes in DENIM from sustainable resources using the latest technology to offer you luxury DENIM clothes requiring half the dye, half the water and half the energy to manufacture!

They ethically source the cotton also using a natural soft, anti-bacterial and breathable botanical fiber. These fibers are then constructed with innovative weaves offering you a seamless fit with 98% retention, 360 degree movement and instant lifting leading to lengthening and sculpting capabilities.

MR Valentine